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About Next Level


My name is Kelli Uresti Ellis and I am one of the owners of Next Level. I am part of a mother daughter duo team with Madelyn Uresti! 

Our passion for assisting people has been a long time in the making. It all started by being small business owners ourselves. We felt like we just needed a little bit of help, and that's when we used Next Level. We loved the idea and when the time was right we moved on being the current owners of Next Level Personal Assistant. It feels amazing to be along side and help people realize and see their visions come true. We ourselves were one of those people trying to do SO many things and know what it is like to be called in many directions. To be Mothers, Wives, Brothers, Church Members, Best Friends, PTA Members, Business Owners, etc.

Sometimes we just need a little help to BE ALL THE THINGS we have signed up to be.

That's where Next Level Personal Assistant Comes In.

Next Level loves busy people. 

Every minute and every dollar count. Whether you are a business owner or a busy mom of three, Next Level is here for you. We make sure to not only use time effectively but be there to help build your dreams and see them become a reality. Personal or professional projects? No problem! We can as easily run the back office of your business as we can declutter your kitchen. 

Get Back to What You Enjoy!  We are here to help you get more done!

Let us take your business to the Next Level. 

Whatever you need done, we can get it done and make it look good.

You get to take all the credit! We won't tell on you!

*Fees are based on an hourly basis and / or by project.

"I have personally used Kelli, Leslie and Kimberlie for my event hosting needs. I am a mom of four all under 5 yrs old. I don't have enough hands when hosting birthday parties, showers, and dinner parties. Next Level really brings my hosting abilities to the Next Level! I couldn't recommend them more!!"

-Amber W

Event Planning/Staffing Photos

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