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Shared Office Space


Exciting News! I have spoken with the leasing agent of a potential office space just south of Austin (Buda, TX to be exact) to be our new flexible office space! We are the first in line and looks like, if all goes to plan, that our doors should open beginning to mid January!

Fancy Schmancy Christmas Cards are IN!


Schmancy is definitely a word by the way.

Just think what cute cards I could make for you?? And hand address and seal and make you look gooood.  Send me a message if you'd like me to send you one of my Christmas Cards from Next Level.

Have I mentioned that I LOVE CHRISTMAS?!?!?!

12 Days of Christmas Begins.... Tomorrow!


I have decided to countdown the days until Christmas Next Level style! Each day there will be a surprise, a little something........ There will be some good stuff, seriously! Check out Next Level's Facebook page each day!

Christmas Continues and Theeeeeeen 2017


Christmas is coming quick! Lots of goodies at:

Along with the online giveaways, I have been happily baking and sprinkling (yes, one can happily sprinkle!) We have also been gearing up for 2017! Lots of new fun projects are lining up.  There seems to be no limit as to what Next Level can assist folks with. I am going to have a fun time bartering large items for sale for a business owner getting new equipment in 2017 and selling their previous equipment for them. Also looking to help out another small business do some job postings, phone interviews, and initial one on one interviews. Everyday is something new! Hop onboard and see what we can take off of your to do list in 2017!

Get Current!


Something I've noticed lately? A lot of people playing "catch up". Are you still filing papers away from 2006?? How about cleaning out a closet that hasn't seen the light of day since the 90's and family is on their way to stay and you need a linen closet ASAP?!?! The holidays were an interesting time for Next Level. We'll see what fun projects lay ahead!

Some Food for Thought.


Today I called a lady that was referred to me by a friend of mine. She was telling me her story and of all the help she needs. Her daughter is not fully functioning and she needs to focus more of her time on her daughter. This got me thinking. What if Next Level could help her so that she can spend that much needed time with her daughter. What if we all got the help we needed so we could get to what really mattered in our lives?? Hmmm... some food for thought.



I can't release all of the details yet, but let's just say I've mentioned it on this site before and now after a ton of ups and downs we just may be........

If only I could tell you!!!  Keep looking out for more details VERY SOON!

I'm SO excited!!!



Next Level is finally opening its Flexible Office Space!

We are so excited to finally open our first of many branches. The space will consist of a large lounge area, work area, conference rooms. There is even a nice outdoor space for those who would like to work in the fresh air. This space is going to be great! Many good times to be had. Check out the STORE tab for the Membership options!

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